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18 Summers Live Your Passion podcast

Welcome to the 18 Summers "Live Your Passion" Podcast.

As we travel we hear "I would love to but..." a lot. That "I would love to but..." can be to rebuild an old car, travel the country or the world, change careers, open a business or any of a million other things. If you have said this to yourself then this podcast is for you. If you are making it happen, then this podcast is for you. If you can say "I am there, I am living my passion" then this podcast is for you!

Join us as we interview people living their passion. Entrepreneurs, community leaders, creatives, and people just like you and I that are living their passion. 

Sep 28, 2018

Dealing with unexpected surprises can throw you for a loop. Be it the loss of a job, an injury, an illness or anything else. These unexpected surprises can make you late on payments, miss work or deadlines. We have experienced that over the past few weeks. With all the changes going on we have missed three episodes of...

Sep 4, 2018

Five steps to dealing with roadblocks and detours while Living Your Passion. 

1. Hal Elrod's 5 Minute Rule.

2. Focus on your goals.

3. Reroute your path.

4.  Hustle & catch up.

5. Review and plan ahead.